Business Planning

The Corman Law Offices also provides assistance in business formation, tax planning, maintenance, dissolution, and the buying and selling of a business.

Business Formation and Dissolution

Whether you are forming a new corporation, LLC, partnership, or other legal entity, there are necessary legal documents and filings that are required for your business to begin running its operations. We can help in the preparation of these documents and filings, to start your business as a legitimate entity. Don’t know what type of entity your business should become? We will be glad to assist and advise you on what best fits your situation.

In addition, we can aid in the dissolution of your business when it is no longer operational. We can prepare and file the necessary legal and tax documents with the various government agencies, as well as prepare the legal documents required to dissolve your business.

Business Tax Planning

The Corman Law Offices also has experience in providing advice and guidance as to tax planning with regards to your business. The best legal entity for your business often depends on both federal and state tax ramifications. Based on your existing business, or the type of business you wish to form, one legal entity may have more beneficial tax consequences than another. We can help you choose the most favorable legal entity, as well as give you information on the taxes your business will be responsible for. We can also help you plan your business as it proceeds so that it does not pay more than its fair share of taxes.

Business Maintenance

We can also help you comply with state and federal requirements to maintain your business’s records and keep them current. This includes filing annual or bi-annual statements of information with the Secretary of State, preparing annual corporate minutes, and preparing other legal documents when necessary.

Buying and Selling of Businesses

Finally, the Corman Law Offices offer guidance and preparation of legal documents in the buying and selling of your business, whether it is an asset or stock sale. The purchase or sale of a business can have significant tax ramifications. We can offer our 37 years of experience to help you traverse this difficult area. We also have extensive experience in preparing Purchase and Sale Agreements, as well as filing any necessary documents.

Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts

Almost everyone has heard of a will. Some people have also heard of a trust. However, people are often unclear as to the advantages of a trust over a will, and when a will is all that is needed.

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Probates, Conservatorships, Trusts & Estate Administration

The Corman Law Offices handles probates, conservatorships, and trust and estate administration. Our services will aid you whether a probate, conservatorship, trust administration, or estate administration is required.

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Business Planning

The Corman Law Offices provides assistance in business formation, tax planning, maintenance, dissolution, and the buying and selling of a business.

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Gift, Estate and Succession Tax Planning

We have extensive experience in personal financial and business succession planning, as well as in the planning and preparation of gift and estate tax returns.

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